Sustanon 250

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Substance: Testosterone Blend (Sustanon)
Packaging: 1 amp x 1ml (250mg/ml)
Brand: Organon
Shipped from: Eastern Europe (International Warehouse 6)

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Sustanon 250 by Organon is a mix of 4 testosterone esters each one with different acting time and half live.

In Sustanon 250 by Organon we have both short acting and long acting testosterone esters.

Sustanon contains next testosterone esters:

  • testosterone propionate
  • testosterone phenylpropionate
  • testosterone isocaproate
  • testosterone decanoate

Propionate ester is very potent and short acting which means you will feel it pretty quick, and it is a special feeling.

Sides of Sustanon 250 by Organon are similar to those of Testosterone and these may include:

  • bloating
  • high bp
  • water retention

If you are prone to gyno then using an AI during sustanon cycle is a must.

It is important to note that sides are individual and some people may not experience them at all.

Sustanon Steroid Cycles

Sustanon 250 by Organon can be used starting from 1ml/week which equals 250mg/week.

If you are new to this product than this is a good starting dosage.

If this is your first Sustanon 250 by Organon cycle you can do it like 8 weeks at 1ml/week.

At this dosage sides are not existent in 98% of cases and you will feel how it works and what it does for you.

However most common dosage is 2ml/week which equals 500mg/week.

For example a good bulking cycle with Sustanon 250 by Organon would be:


1-5 Dianabol 40mg/day

1-10 Sustanon 250 by Organon 2ml/week

To keep more stable blood levels it is recommended to divide injections into two, like 1ml on Monday and 1ml on Thursday. Be careful here, the total dosage is not changed it still remains 2ml/week but you simple divide it into two injections.

Advanced Sustanon Steroid Cycle


1-6 Dianabol 40mg/day

1-14 Sustanon 250 by Organon 2ml/week

1-14 Boldenon 2ml/week

Sustanon 250 by Organon and Post Cycle Therapy

After each steroid cycle it is recommended to do a PCT with Clomiphene Citrate for 25 days.
PCT stands for Post Cycle Therapy.
More about PCT read here:

Sustanon and Gyno

Sustanon 250 by Organon can cause gyno especially if dosage is higher than 2ml and if you are prone to gyno but this can be solved by using during cycle an AI like Exemestane or Anastrozole.

There are plenty of options for Sustanon 250 by Organon cycles and it all depends on your goal and stats so if you want a personalised sustanon cycle contact us via this link:

Contact us today, we will be happy to help you build a better looking body.

Train hard and wise.


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