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How much break between steroid cycles

Often the problems is not in steroids but in the cycle length and high dosages users take.

Staying on gear all year round sounds like stupid for some of us however there are those who do it and this is where some of bad things start.

When you start taking steroids your body will stop producing its own testosterone. The longer you stay on steroids the longer your body wont produce testosterone and its ability to do this will decrease. Got it? Now when you will stop your long cycle it will take even longer for body to restore its testosterone production.

Many people do not want to stop because they don’t want to loose the gains they made…well that understandable nobody wants to loose the gains but if to look at this from long term perspective it is more of a loose situation instead of a win because it will be hard for you to recover after long cycle. It is much better to do a few short cycles and give your body rest between steroid cycles.

Your body needs rest, your receptors needs rest so they can react better when you are on next cycle, your hormonal system must work (it does not produce anything while you are on cycle).

After each steroid cycle follow a standard PCT protocol after which take a minimum 2 months rest. Best way is to have blood work done to see if everything is back and then you can think about next cycle.

So a minimum of 2 months break between cycles is a must and to keep most of the gains follow PCT and keep working out.

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