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Cutting/Leaning Summer Short Cycle with Masteron


Since Masteron has a half life of around 2-3 days it is better to inject it Every Other Day (EOD).
The normal dosage is 1ml/EOD (1ml=100mg).
Masteron is suitable for short steroid cycles.

Cutting/Leaning Summer Short Cycle with Masteron
1-6 Testosterone Propionate – 1ml/EOD
1-6 Masteron 100 – 1ml/EOD
PCT will start 1 week after last injection. For PCT you will use Clomid. For detailed PCT info click here.

Masteron Muscle Gaining Cycle 10 weeks
1-10 Testosterone Enanthate – 2ml/week
1-5 Dbol – 40mg/day
1-10 Masteron 100 – 1ml/eod
In this cycle Testosterone Enanthate can be replaced by Sustanon
PCT will be started 10 days after last injection. For PCT you will use Clomid. For detailed PCT scheme click here.

If you are looking for some special cycles please contact us by clicking here, give us more info about your stats and goals and we will be happy to help.
Contact us today, we will be happy to help you build a better looking body.

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