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How often can you cycle?

It looks to me that nowadays more and more people become lazy and not willing to put some effort into obtaining results and I am not talking only about bodybuilding, it is about relations, business, personal development etc.

How in the world you want to get some results if all you are looking for are some easy ways to get there?

How often can you cycle?

I recently read about some guys who were using steroids non-stop for a few years then got health problems. Do you think this is wise?

Look at the guys from golden age era, they looked great but they also live long and healthy.

They were using steroids much wiser in comparison with today’s bodybuilders.

They were putting more accent on hard training and learning more about their bodies and how these reacted to certain type of workout.

So the question: how often should I cycle has a very individual answer and it all depends on your health and goal.

Firstly and most important thing before doing ANY steroid cycle you must have your bloodwork done. This is important because you want to know that you are healthy and do not have any health problems or predispositions which may become worse with using of certain steroids.

Another important thing is to NOT cycle all year around. That is stupid again because of your health.

The wise approach would be next:
blood work done -> cycle -> pct -> 2-3 months rest ->again blood-work done -> according to blood work results decide whether to take more rest, to change substances or to do next cycle but again this all must be related to your goal. If you do not compete why to do that hard cycle now?

It would be wise to monitor how your body reacts to each substance during this journey.
Sometimes it is enough to do 2 light cycles during the year and you will look great and will keep health under control. Think about this.

Remember that many bodybuilders in golden age era used gear just before contests and even if some used during year the dosages were light.
For example I do not understand people who are using more than 2ml/week of testosterone enanthate or cypionate. In most cases this will only aggravate sides and won’t give you much benefit.

Train hard and wise.

Warmest regards,
SuppsForLife Team

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