Tri-Tren is one of the most effective steroids for lean body mass (you can gain about 10 kg within 8 weeks) and total athletic performance. The drug lowers cortisol levels, increases GH secretion and libido.

Let’s see what kind of effect Trenbolone has on the body:

  • The drug increases sexual desire (libido);
  • It helps reduce body fat (if used with proper diet);
  • Since Tri-Tren is the strongest anabolic, it helps maximize muscle growth;
  • The drug rapidly increases the rate of strength and endurance;
  • In addition, it also reduces the level of cortisol in the body.

Tri-Tren Composition

Tri-Tren has three different active substances. The only difference is the duration of action of this drug. Let’s talk briefly about each of the existing Tri-Tren substances:

  1. Trenbolone Acetate element has extremely short half-life. Therefore, when the drug is used alone, athletes use daily injections of 75 mg or 100 mg every 2 days.
  2. Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate has a longer half-life. The drug works for about two weeks. The preparation is used once every 7-10 days at a dosage of about 300 mg.
  3. Trenbolone Enanthate does not differ from the previous active ingredient. The drug works for about 7-10 days. The preparation is used once every 7-10 days at a dosage of about 300 mg.

Tri-Tren is the strongest anabolic steroid (more powerful than Testosterone and Oxymetholone). Tri-Tren may be the only steroid used during the cycle (although it is much better to combine this agent with other drugs). Tri-Tren can be perfectly combined with any anabolic steroid and Testosterone. Since Tri-Tren does not aromatize and does not accumulate water, it is often used in bodybuilding with Masteron or Winstrol.

Positive qualities and effects of Tri-Tren

Trenbolone Acetate is the first component that starts working after the injection. It is active for about 2-3 days. Thus, it is enough to reach the maximum levels. After that, it’s time for Enanthate, which is active for 10-14 days. The last component is Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. As a result, the athlete gets the opportunity to gain weight and significantly increase the physical parameters.

Trenbolone is also known for its ability to increase the level of IGF-1. Also, Trenbolone can perfectly promote weight loss. Trenbolone is often used during the cutting phase. But, of course, the main task of Tri-Tren is to build muscle.

Tri-Tren instructions for use

Along with excellent anabolic effect, Tri-Tren is characterized by high androgenic activity. Therefore, it is not recommended for women. The optimal dose of the drug for men is 200-400 mg per week.

Tri-Tren injectable preparation should be used twice a week to maintain constant drug levels. It should be used at least two times a week. Thus, depending on the brand, the total weekly dose of Trenbolone is from 300 to 400 mg. Please note that these dosages are not for beginners (Trenbolone is used by experienced bodybuilders). Tri-Tren is prescribed for experienced athletes. As for beginners, they should start with 200-250 mg. It is not recommended to use more than 600 mg, as this steroid is quite powerful. Also, do not forget that the amount of substances is different and depends on the specific manufacturer. Therefore, do not forget to look at the composition of your preparation.

The duration of the cycle is no more than 8 weeks. The minimum duration of the cycle is 6 weeks.

Tri-Tren can be used solo or in combination with Testosterone or Stanozolol. This drug is very well combined with Dianabol, Oxymetholone, Boldenone, etc. Starting from the second week, athletes should include HCG (500-1000 IU) to prevent testicular atrophy and increase the production of natural testosterone.

Tri-Tren is often used in bodybuilding with Sustanon. The dosage of the first anabolic is 0.3 g per week, while the dosage for Sustanon is of 0.5 g per week. After the cycle, it is desirable to use Stanozolol (40 mg daily) and Testosterone Propionate (0.1 g every other day).

Tri-Tren Side Effects

Tri-Tren is better tolerated than other anabolic steroids. Besides, its side effects are less pronounced. The drug does not aromatize. Nevertheless, Tri-Tren can cause acne and hair loss, high blood pressure and nervous irritability, gynecomastia and overweight. Like most anabolic steroids, Tri-Tren slows down the production of testosterone, so it is recommended to use testosterone boosters after the cycle.

Tren cough is next on the list. This is rather a kind of indicator for quality of the product. This symptom can also occur when using other steroids. Athletes may have painful cough and chemical taste in back of throat.

If you exceed the recommended dose, Tri-Tren may cause headaches, nausea and acne. In addition, the drug has progestogenic activity and can lead to the appearance of gynecomastia. Summarizing all written above, we can conclude that women should not use Tri-Tren (high risk of side effects, including virilization – increase in hair growth, male-pattern baldness, voice problems). All the negative effects will go away if you reduce the dosage of the drug.

As for the post cycle therapy, the scheme is almost identical for all steroids. During this period, athletes should take Tamoxifen or Clomid (they are equally effective). With long-term use, it is necessary to include gonadotropins and other drugs that will help your body recover faster. The duration of PCT is 2 weeks. Start using gonadotropins in the last two weeks of the cycle (to quickly restore fertility and testicular function).

You should also pay attention to the storage conditions. Store Tri-Tren in a dark, dry place, at room temperature, away from children and pets.

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