Testosterone Propionate profile:

  • High androgenic activity – it works by binding to the androgen receptors (AR);
  • High anabolic activity – it helps improve protein synthesis and hypertrophy of muscle fibers;
  • High conversion to estrogen (aromatization) – you need to take antiestrogens to restore the normal production of testosterone;
  • Suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis;
  • Lack of hepatotoxicity;
  • Method of use – injections.

Beneficial effects of Testosterone Propionate

First of all, it should be noted that the result depends on the dosage of the drug, as well as proper diet and exercise. The most important factors to achieve the desired results will always be healthy nutrition and training.

First of all, care should be taken in order to properly plan the diet and choose the desired program. Here’s the list of beneficial effects of Testosterone Propionate:

  • Enhanced muscle growth. Testosterone Propionate does not cause excessive water retention. That is why athletes sometimes use this testosterone ester shortly before the competition event.
  • The drug helps increase the levels of IGF-1 in the liver and muscle tissue. This is an important element for the formation of muscle cells (hyperplasia of muscle fibers).
  • By reducing your leptin level, which is responsible for the regulation of metabolism and appetite, Testosterone Propionate (as well as any other androgen) has a significant fat burning effect. But of course, you should comply with the proper diet and training regimen, because testosterone helps burn fat when the following conditions are satisfied.
  • The drug has a beneficial effect on male libido. Thus, it is used in hormone-replacement therapy in the elderly, as well as in patients with pathologies of the production of sex hormones. Besides, the drug stimulates spermatogenesis.
  • Testosterone Propionate significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and coronary artery disease. However, this fact mainly refers to the elderly people who have problems with the cardiovascular system caused by testosterone deficiency. Young athletes can actually have the opposite effect.
  • Unlike other testosterone esters, Propionate provides the desired effect almost immediately after the injection. But unfortunately, it is accompanied by a short period of action – the concentration of the drug falls to the original level within a couple of days.

Side effects of Testosterone Propionate

The fact that you use testosterone means that it can be converted to estradiol or dihydrotestosterone and cause the following disorders: pain from injections, redness of the skin, increased aggression, irritability. Effects related to high levels of estradiol – fluid retention and gynecomastia. You can avoid them by adding to Exemestane, Anastrozole, as well as other drugs (aromatase inhibitors). If you have acne associated with excess oiliness (not everyone has a genetic predisposition to acne), you should try the same treatment used by ordinary people (those who do not use steroids). This may include diet, special lotions, creams and tablets.

Hair loss, excessive hair growth on other areas of the body, prostate hypertrophy (enlarged prostate) – these problems are the result of increased dihydrotestosterone. The main symptoms of prostate enlargement: bladder control problems, feeling of fullness after urinating, frequent urination, etc. In some cases, these symptoms can be blocked by Finasteride, Dutasteride, etc. However, it is worth noting that these drugs can greatly weaken the effect of the cycle. Therefore, be sure to regularly take all the necessary tests, etc. Those who take testosterone should also use injections of gonadotropin (HCG) regularly (to avoid prolonged and severe post cycle therapy).

Testosterone Propionate and other steroids

Like other testosterone esters, Testosterone Propionate can be mixed with a variety of anabolics (such as Stanozolol, Methandrostenolone, Turinabol, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Trenbolone Acetate, etc.). The combination depends solely on your goals. For example, many athletes prefer to use combinations with Winstrol (for the cutting phase), or Nandrolone and Methandrostenolone (for mass building programs). Athletes in power sports prefer the combination with Turinabol or Trenbolone. However, the drug can be used as monotherapy, at a dosage of 50 mg per day for beginners. Experienced athletes should take 100 mg daily. Even if using testosterone alone, you will be able to achieve impressive results (muscle mass, strength, and fat loss). The main thing is not to forget that Testosterone Propionate cycle requires treatment with Clomiphene Citrate or Toremifene Citrate. It is also desirable to add products such as vitamins, chondroprotectors and hepatoprotectors.

In any case, do not forget about PCT. If you are taking the drug, which can artificially raise the level of testosterone, this means your own hormone production decreases. Thus, Testosterone Propionate cycle may result in reduced libido, fatigue, stress and so on. Therefore, you should take antiestrogens after the cycle. Do not take the drug without consulting your doctor. Also, it is not recommended to exceed the recommended dosage. In case of severe side effects, you should immediately stop taking the drug.

Testosterone Propionate instructions

Testosterone Propionate is similar to Enanthate, Cypionate, and Sustanon. However, compared to Enanthate or Cypionate, Testosterone Propionate has a shorter ether chain (that means the active ingredient rapidly enters the bloodstream). As a result, the drug has very short duration of action, while the athletes require more frequent (daily) injections.

It is necessary to administer injections at least every other day to obtain good results. Best results can be achieved with daily injections. Propionate is a relatively painful drug. Therefore, it should be administered in different areas. That is why Testosterone Propionate is not the best choice for those who decide to use steroids for the first time.

However, when using Propionate, it is recommended to take additional drugs (Tamoxifen, Proviron – to prevent symptoms of gynecomastia).

Testosterone Propionate is active for a short period of time (2-3 days). Compared with other steroids (such as Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate), Propionate causes less water retention in the body and, consequently, leads to less weight gain during the cycle.

Testosterone Propionate injections should be administered once in 2 days. Properly selected doses will help avoid excess fluid retention. The best effect is achieved when combined with other drugs.

Young athletes should start taking Testosterone Propionate at a dose of 50 mg once in 2 days. The dosage for experienced athletes is around 100 mg per day and higher.

As we have already mentioned above, Propionate should be administered daily or once in 2 days (in order to maximize the effect). The interval between two injections should not be long: this will slow the process and reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

When using Propionate to gain more muscle mass, it should be combined with other steroids such as Deca, Boldenone, or Anadrol (during the first 4-6 weeks). This will help dramatically increase muscle mass and strength.

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