When combined with good nutrition and regular training, some oral steroids may help you gain 6-8 kg of muscle per month. Oral steroids such as Dianabol, Turinabol, Anadrol can’t be replaced by injectable forms. At the same time, oral steroids such as Stanozolol, Primobolan, Parabolan can be used as injectable form. All oral steroids should be taken twice daily (in the morning and evening after meals). This will help you maintain the optimal level of active ingredients in the body.
As of today, you are also going to find a large range of different injectable steroids. These drugs are used in the form of injections (administered intramuscularly). They are produced in the form of solutions in ampoules or small vials. A wide variety of injectable steroids are available for athletes. Some of them will help you gain muscle. Others will help gain lean muscle mass and raise your metabolism. Injectable steroids are much more effective than oral steroids, being absorbed by 100%. Injectable steroids provide the most powerful muscle growth. In general, these agents help you achieve the desired results faster. Athletes usually use 2-3 injections per week.

Injectable Steroids: The Pros And Cons

What are the main advantages of injectable steroids? The main and the biggest plus of anabolic agents, which are available in the form of solutions, is their safety. Almost all oral steroids in capsules and tablets have a negative effect on the liver (and sometimes on the kidneys), especially when used incorrectly or in large doses. Some may cause problems with the stomach and intestines (such as gastritis). Injectable solutions will not cause these side effects. After all, when giving an injection, it begins to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream (the reaction occurs faster). All injectable steroids enter the blood immediately. They are not absorbed by the intestines, and they won’t pass through the liver. That means the entire dose is used by the body more efficiently. And, finally, the third advantage of steroids introduced through an injection is their long-term effect. Steroids are practically insoluble in water, because they are lipid-soluble. Injectable agents will stay in your body for a much longer period of time, which means you will need to repeat injections less frequently than the pills or capsules you currently take. That’s why so many athletes prefer to use steroids in the form of injections.

As long as we are talking about the benefits, it is worth considering the main disadvantages of injectable steroids. Some injections are going to be more painful. It is not always convenient, because you will have to choose the right time for injection. As for the right technique, inflammation may occur at the injection site. No doubt this is not a serious problem.

Yet, each form has its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, injections are considered to be more popular among many people. It is hard to say if it is better to use a few injections or take the tablets regularly. Everything has its pros and cons. The optimal decision should be guided by a person’s unique needs and preferences.

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