Human growth hormone (HGH) is quite popular among professional athletes and beginners. However, some experts believe HGH is one of the most effective agents for life extension, while others argue that it can be very harmful for our body.

Learn About The Mechanism Of Action Of HGH

Human growth hormone is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids. It is produced and secreted from the anterior pituitary (endocrine gland). By the way, this process lasts throughout a person’s life. The hormone reaches its peak in early childhood, while the secretion peak occurs during adolescence (puberty and linear growth).

HGH Benefits

Human growth hormone promotes linear growth, helps increase muscle mass and regulate the metabolism of bone tissue. It inhibits the activity of certain enzymes, regulates collagen synthesis in bones, skin and other tissues and organs. It helps increase the number of cells of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, liver, thymus and muscles.

HGH prevents a large number of destructive processes in humans and stimulates regenerative processes. Many scientists state that human growth hormone strengthens the skeletal system, strengthens the immune system, reduces cholesterol, increases sexual activity and mental capacity.

HGH for sale is an effective remedy for muscle mass. But one must observe some rules to achieve the desired results (nutrition, workouts and injections plans).

So, what should you know about human growth hormone cycle? Of course, the dosage primarily depends on the level of physical activities. For example, the dosage for athletes is 8 IU per day. The dosage for bodybuilders should be at least 12-16 IU, and the duration of the course – not less than 3 months. The hormone should be taken in large doses for one simple reason: our receptors quickly adapt to the drug, so you will need a break between the courses.

Of course, HGH can be taken for 6 months or more, but only in small doses (2-4 IU per day). However, it is almost impossible to achieve hypertrophy and muscle growth when using a small dose of HGH for sale.

The Anabolic Effect Of Human Growth Hormone

If your goal is to gain muscle mass, your body will have to work at maximal stimulation. You will need a comprehensive treatment program that includes drugs that can enhance the effect of growth hormone. There is a certain scheme of drugs, including HGH for sale, anabolic and androgenic steroids, insulin and thyroid hormones.

Androgenic steroids show strong anabolic effects and significantly increase muscle size. These agents will also stimulate cell hyperplasia for faster results.

Insulin is also an essential component of the complex, especially if the dosage of HGH is really high. Insulin will reduce the workload of the pancreas and promote the growth of muscle cells.

Thyroid hormones accelerate metabolism and stimulate the growth of tissues of the body. They weaken the effects of growth hormone. It is important to know that HGH in high doses can lead to changes in thyroid function (hypothyroidism). Those who use very high doses of HGH for sale must also take triiodothyronine (thyroid-stimulating hormone).

HGH Doses

HGH injections should be carried out according to certain rules. Typically, you will have to follow some conditions to achieve the desired result: plan your meal and follow your recommended workout and treatment plan. The course and the dosage for HGH will depend on your goals and the type of sport you do. For example, the dosage for athletes is 8 IU per day, which is insufficient for weight-lifting programs.

Bodybuilders require at least 12-16 IU during at least three months. They use high doses of HGH for a simple reason: their body adapts to the drug very quickly. Therefore, such injections will not provide long-term benefits. Nevertheless, you may use or buy HGH injections for about 6 months, but in this case the dosage should be 2-4 IU.

Useful tips and precautions for HGH injections:

  • Injections are made on an empty stomach. If you want to achieve the maximum effect, do not eat for at least 40 minutes after injection.
  • 4 hours – this is the minimum interval between injections.
  • It is desirable to inject the hormone in the morning. The best time for the second injection is immediately after the workout.
  • Choose high-protein foods – at least 2.3 g per 1 kg of body weight per day.

HGH Side Effects

Human growth hormone is an anabolic agent that may improve metabolic processes and generate free radicals, which in turn may reduce your life expectancy and cause heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc. When using the hormone, some people may experience side effects such as nausea, headache, hyperglycemia, increased intracranial pressure, diabetes, etc.

Keep in mind that you should not take HGH injections without additional components and supplements – otherwise you will not achieve the desired results and will have more chronic conditions. After all, the overuse of HGH may result in severe metabolic disorders, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, and other unpleasant consequences.

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