The drug was synthesized in 1956 in the United States by Dr. John Ziegler. Dianabol immediately grew in popularity among athletes as a drug that can help gain quality muscle mass fast, as well as increase power rates.

By the early ’60s, the drug was actively used by a huge number of athletes around the world. Many pharmaceutical companies started to synthesize Methandrostenolone and sell it in various forms: tablets, capsules, injections. The main component of Dianabol became a part of other drugs, which are analogues of Dianabol. These include: Anabol, Dialon, Stenolon and others.

In addition to sports medicine, Methandrostenolone is popular in clinical practice, in particular for the treatment of chronic renal failure, burns, fractures, as well as disorders of protein metabolism.

The drug is intended for oral use and is available in tablet form in the following doses: 5, 10, and 50 mg. Dianabol can be used with other steroids such as Testosterone, Primobolan, Deca, Trenbolone (to enhance the anabolic effects). Almost all injectable steroids are well combined with Dianabol. However, it should be understood that high doses of injectable anabolic steroids may significantly reduce the effects of Dianabol. For example, Dianabol increases the efficacy of Testosterone (when used in a dosage of 500 mg).

As shown by numerous reviews of athletes, it does not make sense to use this anabolic agent in high concentrations. Higher doses of the drug give the same result as the maximum permitted doses. Also, do not use a combination of similar drugs (Dianabol and Anadrol), since their effects should not be considered as cumulative. The best results for muscle mass and strength can be achieved by the combination of Dianabol with injectable anabolic steroids.

Pharmacological Effects

The drug helps increase the synthesis of structural proteins, which results in muscle mass gain and fat reduction. Androgenic activity of Dianabol works through the stimulation of secondary sexual characteristics.

Dianabol is used to quickly build muscle and improve athletic performance. Also, the drug enhances appetite, burns fat, and reduces pain in the bones and joints. The drug helps accumulate calcium in the body, which positively affects the state of bones and muscle tissues. Increased blood flow also improves the state of muscles and other organs.

Due to anti-catabolic effect, there is a temporary blockage of cortisol receptors, which helps prevent significant loss of muscle mass.

Dianabol combinations and doses

The number of tablets to be administered depends primarily on the type of sport (this is especially important for bodybuilders, weightlifters and powerlifters). Also, the daily dosage depends on the desired result and is calculated individually for each athlete. Dianabol dosages vary from 2 tablets to 20 tablets a day.

Professionals and athletes weighing more than 100 kg should take 40 mg daily. In very rare cases, it is allowed to use 50 mg per day.

The usual daily dose is 30 mg. The initial dose is 10 mg. The duration of action is 6-8 hours. The recommended duration is 6 weeks. Dianabol can be found in the blood for 8 weeks.

The drug is taken 3-4 times a day with meals or half an hour after the meals.

As for beginners, they should use Dianabol without other drugs for six weeks. The starting dose is 10 mg, which may be increased to 30 mg. After the third week, it is recommended to add drugs that help prevent aromatization process.

Dianabol and Testosterone. This combination is recommended for more experienced athletes. The duration of cycle is 6-8 weeks. Daily dosage: Dianabol – 30 mg, Testosterone – 100 mg. Both Testosterone esters and Dianabol are drugs that should be used with anti-aromatase agents. They should be used starting from the second week of the cycle and ending five days after the last dose of Testosterone.

Dianabol and Deca. Daily dosage: Dianabol – 40 mg, Deca – 250 mg. The duration of cycle is 6 weeks. You can also use Stanozolol (40-50 mg for 8 weeks). As for PCT, it is recommended to use Clomid (100 mg during the first days, and then 50 mg).

Dianabol, Nandrolone, Sustanon. This combination is popular among professional athletes. The recommended daily dosages: Dianabol – 30 mg, Nandrolone – 250 mg, Sustanon – 500 mg. The duration of cycle is 8 weeks. PCT: Testosterone Propionate (100 mg) or Stanozolol (40 mg) starting from the ninth week. Athletes should also add anti-aromatase agents from the second week of the cycle (to prevent side effects). PCT also involves Clomid within 25 days (5 days at a dosage of 100 mg, and the rest – at a dosage of 50 mg).

Dianabol, Boldenone, Stanozolol. This combination is designed for athletes who want to avoid dangerous side effects. The recommended daily dosages: Dianabol – 30 mg, Stanozolol – 40 mg, Boldenone – 750 mg. The duration of cycle is 12 weeks. Dianabol is used during the first 8 weeks, Boldenone (injections) – from the 1 to 9 week, Stanozolol – from the 9 to 12. PCT: Tamoxifen for a month (20 mg during the first week, followed by 10 mg).

Dianabol, Trenbolone, Testosterone Enanthate. This combination is designed for professional athletes. The recommended daily dosages: Dianabol – 40 mg, Trenbolone – 300 mg, Testosterone Enanthate – 500 mg (750 mg). The duration of cycle is 10 weeks. All three drugs are used within 8 weeks, followed by Stanozolol (50 mg) within 2 weeks. Athletes must use Anastrozole during the entire period of therapy and for 2 weeks after (to avoid side effects). PCT includes Clomid (100 mg within 5 days, and then 50 mg within 20 days).

Dianabol for Women

Dianabol therapy in women may result in expressed masculinization signs. Many female athletes (especially involved in powerlifting) prefer to take this anabolic agent in lower concentrations (10-20 mg). The duration of cycle is 4-6 weeks. It is not recommended to increase the dosage over 10 mg per day to prevent masculinization. Higher dosages can lead to negative consequences.

Main Side Effects of Dianabol

This steroid may cause hepatotoxicity, which is associated with obstructive jaundice, dyspepsia and problems with the biliary tract. Symptomatic treatment: use drugs to improve biliary excretion.

Dianabol may cause gynecomastia. Symptomatic treatment: use anti-estrogens or anti-aromatase agents (Tamoxifen, Anastrozole).

Dianabol has pronounced androgenic properties, which may lead to the appearance of acne (on the body and face), alopecia, mood changes. Symptomatic treatment: use preparations to reduce oiliness of the skin.

Due to water retention, Dianabol therapy may cause swelling of the face and neck, and hypertension. Symptomatic treatment is required in cases of hypertension. In this case, you should take agents to lower blood pressure.

In addition, Dianabol is able to suppress the synthesis of testosterone.

When the therapy is stopped, there may be loss of muscle mass due to the fact that accumulated water is rapidly removed from the body. At high doses (up to 50 mg per day) athletes may suffer from aggressive behavior.

Dianabol contraindications

Dianabol is not used in the following diseases:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (Dianabol causes water retention, which can lead to hypertension).
  • Liver disease (Dianabol is a drug with hepatotoxic potential).
  • Hypertrophic changes in the prostate gland (Dianabol promotes prostate hyperplastic changes).

Women and men younger than 21 years should not take Dianabol.

The main pros and cons of the drug

Positive effects of Dianabol:

  • Rapid muscle growth;
  • The drug can be used solo and in combination with other agents;
  • Rapid improvement of power performance;
  • The drug improves endurance and eliminates fatigue.

Negative effects of Dianabol:

  • The drug causes unwanted side effects;
  • Accumulation of excess liquid.

Although Dianabol has many potential side effects, these are rare in doses up to 20 mg per day. Nevertheless, Dianabol is well tolerated in most cases. Dianabol improves appetite and mood, as well as improves psychological state and self-esteem of the athletes, which plays an important role in training.

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